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Plastic Coatings

Matting agents for plastic applications have to fulfill high requirements in terms of transparency and efficiency.

ACEMATT® OK 520 meets these demands.  ACEMATT® 3300 advanced thermal treated silica, which is characterized by very good matting efficiency combined with high transparency, is ideal for soft-feel coatings that have to fulfill high haptic requirements. 

AEROSIL® fumed silica is mainly used to control rheological characteristics, as a thixotroping and an anti-settling agent.

Reactive systems enable the production of plastic coatings with good scratch resistance and adhesion to nonpolar surfaces via environmentally friendly and fast-curing UV or EB technology. Typically, VISIOMER® IBOA and other hydrophobic methacrylates are proven components.

For the adequate wetting of substrates with low surface energies, the use of substrate wetting additives is essential. Waterborne formulations, in particular, require a reduction in surface tension in the liquid phase; TEGO® Wet and TEGO® Twin provide the solution. An additional advantage: optimum surface wetting is the foundation for good substrate adhesion and excellent flow characteristics. This requires effective and compatible deaeration, defoaming and optimum color strength development through rapid, thorough pigment dispersion followed by stabilization. TEGO® Airex is suitable for deaeration, TEGO® Foamex for defoaming and TEGO® Dispers for pigment dispersion and stabilization. Excellent flow and leveling and the correct slip generate a positive impression—this is a task for TEGO® Glide and TEGO® Flow.

Plastic coatings formulated from acrylic resins show superior properties and the broadest versatility. They cover a broad scope of applications, ranging from durable household goods to electronic parts. Binders can be composed from hard and chemical-resistant polymers to decorate, protect and create individual effects on surfaces. Acrylic resins are also used as pigmented primers, which can be over-coated, for example by means of UV curing or with 2K PU coatings.