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Functional Exterior Coatings

Protection and decoration are still the two most important functional requirements in modern exterior architectural coatings, but they are by no means the only ones. Modern exterior paints not only have to be environmentally friendly and able to withstand even extreme weather conditions without de-coloration and dirt pick-up, they are also an integral part of external wall insulation systems in resource-efficient buildings.

Ideal façade paints stay clean and bright, are able to breathe, and even play an active role in the energy management of the building by absorbing or reflecting heat radiation. They are also easy to clean, allowing things like graffiti to be effortlessly removed. TEGO® Phobe, used as co-binder in emulsion paints, is able to provide the required functionalities.

Evonik offers a wide range of specialty resins and additives which help to realize these functionalities. Our technical experts know how to translate the chemical properties of an additive into the desired function of the paint. Evonik also offers highly effective insulation materials like Calostat and PMMA-based compounds used to produce façade panels.

SIPERNAT® 820 A is a sodium-aluminum silicate with a high level of whiteness and reduced coarse particles. It is highly recommended for the partial substitution of white pigments in emulsion paints and used as a cost-efficient matting agent. VP ITO is a high-performance product that enables the production of transparent and/or IR-radiation-absorbing coatings and materials.

Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI®: A water-borne impregnation system for the impregnation of unpainted concrete or bricks to achieve a permanent protection against graffiti. The products allow the full beauty of the natural surface to be visible and undisturbed.