Feature Markets

Feature Markets - Functional Exterior Coatings_2

Functional Exterior Coatings

Protection and decoration are still the two most important functional requirements in modern exterior architectural coatings, but they are by no means the only ones.

Feature Markets - Automotive OEM Coatings

Automotive OEM Coatings

In today´s coatings world, automotive OEM coatings are considered to be one of the most demanding applications for high-performance solutions.

Feature Markets - Automotive Interior_1

Automotive Interior

Automotive interior coatings/surfaces have two major functions. They achieve a decorative appearance and are warm to the touch, thereby making occupants feel “at home” in a car.

Feature Markets - Rigid Packaging

Rigid Packaging

Metal containers for food and non-food applications – or simply said cans – are usually coated on both sides, exterior and interior.

Feature Markets - Plastic Coatings

Plastic Coatings

Matting Agents for plastic application have to fulfill high requirements in terms of transparency and efficiency.

Feature Markets - Antifouling


Any object immersed in seawater will rapidly attract the attention of marine fouling by bacteria, algae (seaweeds) and animals such as barnacles, molluscs and tubeworms.

Future Markets - Heavy Duty Coatings

Heavy Duty Coatings

Heavy Duty Coatings protect metal and concrete surfaces against damages and corrosion under extreme environmental conditions.

Feature Markets - Flexible Packaging Inks

Flexible Packaging Inks

Flexible packaging is a constantly growing segment within the printing inks market. The preferred printing technologies are flexo and gravure printing.

Feature Markets - Inkjet


In the past years, inkjet technology has made huge strides and is now one of the most promising printing technologies with significant growth potential.

Feature Markets - Interior Wood Coatings_1

Interior Wood Coatings

Water-borne parquet finishes have become firmly established on the market in recent years, with UV-curing formulations having gained particular significance for interior wood coatings.