Competencies - Sustainability


"Sustainable developments meet the needs of the present without compromising the resources of future generations."* Evonik experts are experienced at translating customer needs into innovative solutions for sustainable and resource efficient coatings, with the products illustrated below:

Customer need


Waterborne, low VOC / high solids

• VESTANAT® DS blocked polyisocyanates for waterborne PUR systems
• TEGO® Dispers "W" product range for waterborne coatings • VISIOMER® Terra IBOMA  

• AERODISP® WR 8520 as a ready-to-use solution for adjusting the rheology of high-performance waterborne coatings

Bio-based / renewable raw materials

• DYNAPOL® Terra polyesters 
• VISIOMER® Terra methacrylate monomers 

• TEGO® Dispers 740 W, TEGO® Dispers 741W and TEGO® Dispers 652 dispersants, TEGO® Foamex K 8 defoamer 

• DEGADUR® 4U reactive resin

Process efficiency (energy, raw materials/yield, waste)

• SILIKOPHEN® AC 900 and SILIKOPHEN® AC 1000 as ambient curing silicone resins for high-temperature industrial applications 
• TEGO® Dispers 750 W as a wetting and dispersing additive with outstanding pigment stabilization in solvent-free formulations 

• VESTAGON® EP-HA 368 enables a one-shot production process for matte HAA powder coatings

• VESTANAT® PP as a matrix system for automated composite production (PUR prepregs) 

• ACEMATT® 3600 as an easily processable additive for highly efficient 100% matte UV coatings 

• AEROXIDE® Alu C enhances the flowability and efficiency of environmentally friendly powder coatings

Durability, lifetime

• DEGAROUTE® road markings with a long service life 
• SILIKOPON® EF and SILIKOFTAL® ED for anti-corrosion top coats with 2 layers instead of 3 

• VESTANAT® EP-M 95 and VESTANAT® EP-CAT 11 for scratch-resistant clearcoats 

• DEGALAN® products for extreme weather resistance, colorfastness, and brilliance

Food safety

• TEGO® Dispers 690 as a dispersant for "Swiss A" compliant food packaging 

• DYNAPOL® polyesters for can coatings without bisphenol A

Transparency (needed for ecolabels, Green Building certificates or other regulatory demands)

• "Cradle-to-Gate" Life Cycle Assessments covering a large share of our portfolio 
• "Cradle-to-Grave" Life Cycle Assessments addressing the whole coatings life cycle, e.g. for SILIKOPON® EF anti-corrosion top coats and DEGAROUTE® road markings 

• Detailed product information 

• Active stakeholder dialog, e.g. regarding aliphatic isocyanates and nanomaterials


Furthermore, we continuously

  • invest in people skills and competencies, 

  • optimize our production processes and logistics to reduce emissions, water and energy consumption, 

  • raise our ESHQ standards and strive to reach ambitious targets such as zero accidents, 

  • invest in existing and new production facilities globally, 

  • advance science by collaborating with external partners, 

  • refine and embrace relevant sustainability standards (e.g. CEPE Sustainable Development Charter) and 

  • define and implement activities led by our Corporate Center (e.g. the supplier audit initiative "Together for Sustainability" and external ratings; please refer to our Annual Sustainability Report for more details).

* Our Common Future: Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development (The Brundtland Report), 1987