Competencies - Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship

One of the chemical industry' most important challenges is to ensure that all its products not only meet legal requirements, but are also safely produced, handled and used.

Evonik's product safety departments focus, in a comprehensive manner, on recognizing and evaluating the dangers that arise from materials. This makes timely reactions in dealing with and handling raw materials, precursors and final products possible. The departments build an efficient organization that has numerous tools available to accomplish this task. In order to achieve product stewardship, Evonik uses the so-called Chemicals Management System (CMS), which consists of structured corporate regulations that have been continuously improved upon for many years. This system ensures that:

  • Complete information about risks that arise from materials is registered so that safe handling can be made possible. 

  • Evonik's self-imposed Responsible Care® responsibilities are met and its corresponding Global Product Strategy (GPS) is fulfilled.

  • A contribution is made to Evonik's future-proof, sustainable product portfolio. 

  • A basis for effective, fact-based communications about our products' applications is developed. This ensures that we enhance our customers’ trust in our products. 

  • The marketing of our products to our customers is guaranteed to be in compliance with laws governing chemicals worldwide.

Scientifically very well educated employees work in our product safety departments. They guarantee not only that all legal obligations concerning the production, handling and distribution of our chemical products (materials and mixtures) are met but also that Evonik's voluntary, self-imposed standards are met. Their work is governed by the following priorities:

  • Dangerous materials and mixtures are competently categorized and labeled. 

  • Risk evaluations are conducted in accordance with the Chemicals Management System (CMS) and are periodically updated. 

  • Safety data sheets and other information sheets as well as recommendations for safe product handling are prepared, kept current and distributed. 

  • Materials are reported and registered in accordance with national and international laws and regulations. 

  • Knowledge about our products' possible dangerous characteristics is continually expanded.

  • Knowledge about our products' functional behavior and about exposure to our products is continually increased. 

  • Our customers and suppliers are adequately informed about risks in a timely manner. 

  • All substantive information is entered into appropriate searchable databases and is continuously brought up to date. 

  • The product safety departments use Evonik's capabilities through intensive cooperation with many diverse divisions to acquire information. These include laboratories that use experiments to determine substance concentrations and dangerous goods departments. 

  • Support for evaluation throughout the entire product life cycle is guaranteed – from the acquisition of raw materials through research, production, distribution and residuals in the environment to proper disposal. The product safety departments thus make an important contribution to sustainable development.