Competencies - Crosslinking


Crosslinkers make all the difference in coatings. They improve appearance, chemical resistance, or mechanical durability. Evonik provides a broad and versatile range of different types of crosslinkers for coatings and adhesives.

As the inventor of and the leader in isophorone chemistry, Evonik offers a broad selection of VESTANAT® non-yellowing PUR crosslinkers for 2K (two-component) or 1K thermosetting PUR coatings for various and demanding applications in systems of all kind: solvent-borne, water-borne, powder, and solvent-free.

Aliphatic diamines from the VESTAMIN® range are industry-standard crosslinkers for high-performance epoxy systems, often of the formulated kind. Typical applications include industrial floorings, marine and anticorrosive paints, as well as high-performance composites.

Functional silanes from the large and versatile Dynasylan® family are used in various types of silane-modified resins and coatings. Silane crosslinking typically leads to an improvement in the wear resistance of a coating, given the stability of the Si-O-Si network.

The VESTANAT® M range is a new family of urethane-alkoxysilane binders and crosslinkers that provide excellent scratch resistance, especially for automotive OEM and repair coatings as well as wood coatings. This new technology is a welcomed basis for high-performance isocyanate-free (NISO) technology used in both ambient-temperature-curing as well as thermosetting systems.

Crosslinkable TEGO® Rad slip additives achieve a high degree of durability for surface effects in radiation-cured coatings, due to incorporated reactive acrylic groups in the modified siloxane backbone.

Crosslinkable hydroxy functional methacrylic monomers like VISIOMER® HEMA and HPMA are used to impart OH functionality into (meth-)acrylic polymers to improve mar and solvent resistance and achieve high gloss retention and superior weatherability.