Our Competencies

Competencies - Functional Polymer Design

Functional Polymer Design

The Evonik Industries portfolio comprises several functional-polymer technologies and key building blocks/monomers for the synthesis of different types of functional polymers.

Competencies - Adhesion Promotion

Adhesion Promotion

Adhesion on metallic and inorganic substrates is a significant problem for many coating systems. Especially after exposure to moisture and thermal shock delamination occurs on such substrates.

Competencies - Interface Control

Interface Control

Optimal dispersion and stabilization of pigment particles is a significant factor in determining the end properties of lacquers, paints, or printing inks.

Competencies - Surface Modification

Surface Modification

Evonik has several key raw materials in its portfolio for modifying the surfaces of various coatings.

Competencies - Crosslinking


Crosslinkers make all the difference in coatings. They improve appearance, chemical resistance, or mechanical durability. Evonik provides a broad and versatile range of different types of crosslinkers for coatings and adhesives.

Competencies - Sustainability


Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our experts deliver against this promise by translating our customers' needs into innovative solutions.

Competencies - Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship

One of the chemical industry's most important challenges is to ensure that all its products not only meet legal requirements, but are also safely produced, handled and used.

Competencies - Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management (SCM) consists of all the activities that take place to get a product in our customer’s hands - from the time of raw materials extraction to the minute they receive and pay the final product.