polyamide 12 powders for coating formulations

Polyamide 12 powders for coating applications


As a coating, VESTOSINT® powders protect the surface of metals, help in the production of fiber composites, and improve the properties of coatings as an additive. Thanks to the good mechanical values and high chemical resistance of polyamide 12, the powders are used wherever high quality is required.

VESTOSINT® polyamide 12 powders for metal coating

polyamide 12 powders for metal coating

VESTOSINT® powders, which are produced from base polymers in a technically demanding process, have many physical, chemical and electrical properties that predestine them for coating metal parts. The coatings are applied by fluidized bed or flame spray processes. VESTOSINT® coatings are used for:

  • wire articles, such as dishwasher racks, shopping carts, and patio furniture
  • components of water systems 
  • the automotive industry
  • other components such as printing rollers, slide rails, clips, and even fencing masks

VESTOSINT® retains its outstanding properties even at extreme sub-zero temperatures, offering excellent protection - including corrosion protection - for the surfaces of a variety of applications. Up to a thickness of about 500 micrometers, the protective effect increases proportionally to the coating thickness.

VESTOSINT® polyamide 12 fine powders for coating formulations

polyamide 12 fine powders for coating formulations

VESTOSINT® fine powders have been used as coating auxiliaries since 1980. Different particle sizes and particle size distributions of VESTOSINT® fine powders can be used individually or in mixtures. By incorporating the polyamide powder into the coating system via functional groups, our customers can influence the structure of surfaces in an extremely targeted manner and provide a variety of substrates, for example, with abrasion-resistant, highly elastic coatings. VESTOSINT® fine powders create a textured, matte surface and improve surfaces by increasing abrasion resistance, namely:

  • increased elasticity
  • reduced soiling
  • increased abrasion resistance

Thermoplastic matrix for composites

fine polyamide 12 for thermoplastic matrix for composites

Fine polyamide 12 (PA 12) powders are well suited as a matrix for thermoplastic composites made of glass or carbon fibers. Unlike thermoset materials, they remain malleable and can be wound, pressed or woven.

Fiber composite plates produced with PA 12 powders, combined in several layers and compacted at temperatures above 200 °C, produce molded parts that combine high strength with low weight. In contrast to thermoset moldings, they can also be reshaped at a later stage. Waste can be shredded and further processed into filled thermoplastics using all standard plastics processing methods.

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