Press release
March 30, 2011

TEGO® Wet 240

Substrate wetting additive for all waterborne spray paints – defect-free surfaces with co-solvent-based and VOC-free waterborne paints

The use of the new highly effective substrate wetting additive from Evonik in spray-applied waterborne coatings systems guarantees fine atomization and defect-free films even at minimal film thickness. Defect rates and remedial work in the painting process are reduced. TEGO® Wet 240 provides outstanding substrate wetting independent of co-solvent content even in the newest binder systems. With its good anti-cratering characteristics and problem-free recoat ability, the solvent-free TEGO® Wet 240 can be widely used and is first choice particularly for spray-applied industrial coatings and also coatings for plastics.

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