Specialty methacrylates

The VISIOMER® portfolio includes more than 40 different Specialty Methacrylates, offering a versatile toolbox to solve literally any challenge in the area of resin design and applications.

Evonik’s Specialty Methacrylates are building blocks for a variety of applications. VISIOMER® methacrylate monomers award resins with functionality and help developers to solve application- and performance related challenges.
VISIOMER®, Evonik‘s global trademark for methacrylate monomers, stands for high-quality products, global service and outstanding expertise.

The VISIOMER® portfolio comprises the broadest selection of Alkyl-and Aryl methacrylates, Aminofunctional monomers, Methacrylamides, Ether methacrylates, Crosslinkers, Wet adhesion monomer, and specialty intermediates.
It is a perfect toolset to award resins for paints and coatings, adhesives, construction and other specialty applications with outstanding performance, functionality and durability.

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