Press release
March 30, 2011

Shining process with Continuous Direct Polymerisation (CDPTM)

wetting and stabilization, and the gloss and adhesion of coatings. One very important field of application for methacrylate polymers is their use as binders in coatings and paints. Not only do the methacrylate polymers excel because of their good weathering resistance, colour fastness, and brilliance, they also have very good pigment ability. Because of these positive properties, methacrylate-based binders are used especially in industrial metal coatings, particularly in those covering surfaces strongly exposed to the weather, such as container and marine paints.

Other applications in which methacrylate binders have proven their value are coating systems for plastics, architectural coatings, road marking paints, and printing inks.

The CDP(TM) process has now made it possible to combine the excellent properties sought in a bulk polymer with the efficiency of a suspension polymer.