Press release
March 30, 2011

Robust, flexible, and fast drying: the new clear coating technology from Evonik

Two-component (2K) PUR coatings were formerly regarded as the global benchmark for high-grade coatings. They are particularly weather- and chemical-resistant, and the hardness-to-elasticity ratio is right. Another advantage is that they cure at room temperature. In certain applications, however, the abrasion resistance of the coating films leaves much to be desired. The new polysilane system developed by Evonik offers many of the advantages of 2K PUR coatings, and it is at the same time especially tough.

With this development, Evonik has solved a problem that persisted for a long time. In the past, many silane-based coatings lacked the desired flexibility, due to their high crosslinking density and high SiO2 content. Evonik's new coatings show none of the unwanted brittleness. This result was achieved by developing a resin concept based on oligomeric silane resins in combination with acrylate polyols with a balanced ratio of organic and inorganic components. An important feature is that, because of the high reactivity of polysilanes toward water and polyols, these coatings are processed as two-component systems. Evonik has also developed a novel catalyst concept for its new coatings. Thanks to this development, the polysilane coatings cure rapidly even at room temperature. The new coatings thus provide a genuine alternative to the current standard.