Press release
March 30, 2011

Evonik: new matting agent for UV-curable coatings

ACEMATTĀ® 3600: high transparency coupled with low viscosity

Because of its special surface modification, the silica-based matting agent is particularly suitable for UV-cured coatings. Customers are focusing their attention on UV-cured coatings as alternatives to conventional solvent-based coatings. Experts therefore predict above-average market growth for these products compared to other coating technologies.

For many years, Evonik's ACEMATTĀ® products have served paints and coatings producers as efficient matting agents. ACEMATTĀ® matting agents are able to modify the surface of the coating film in such a way that incidental light is scattered in a defined manner. Invisible to the eye, matting agent particles project from the coating in such a way that neither the color of the coating, nor, in the case of clear coatings, the base is appreciably changed.