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March 31, 2009

ECS trade show in Nuremberg: New Additives for Adhesives

At the upcoming ECS show in Nuremberg (31.03. - 02.04.2009) the Business Line Industrial Specialties of Evonik will launch a set of new additives that are in compliance with food contact regulations like 2002/72/EC, FDA 175.105 or BfR 14. The set consists of the two defoamers TEGO® Antifoam 2291 and TEGO® Antifoam 4-94 as well as the Newtonian PU thickener TEGO® Rheo 8600. These products now allow Evonik to supply performance additives for adhesives that are not limited in their applications by registration issues.

For the producers of polymer dispersions and adhesives it is increasingly important to offer products that are not only suitable for use in one special application. Therefore, each component of an adhesive needs to be in compliance with governmental regulations to ensure the com-pliance of the final formulation. This trend is mainly driven by stricter regulations, which have developed over the last several years. So far, only a small number of defoamers and thickeners fulfill these require-ments. Our newly developed additives close this gap and deliver excel-lent performance at the same time.

TEGO® Antifoam 2291:
TEGO® ANTIFOAM 2291 was developed especially for acrylate disper-sions and SBR latices. It is a silicon free product based on paraffinic oil and is delivered as an easy water dilutable concentrate. The resulting dilution is guaranteed to be stable for a long period of time. TEGO® Antifoam 2291 combines high compatibility with good defoaming performance.

TEGO® Antifoam 4-94:
TEGO® ANTIFOAM 4-94 is also suitable for use in acrylic dispersions and moreover in polyvinyl acetates. As a result of its polyether siloxane chemical base, it delivers excellent defoaming performance. TEGO® Antifoam 4-94 is delivered as a concentrated emulsion, which can easily be diluted to the desired application concentration.

TEGO® Rheo 8600:
Chemically, the thickener TR 8600 is an associative PU thickener with Newtonian flow behavior. In contrast to standard acrylate thickeners, it can be used under critical conditions including systems with pH values between 3 and 11. Even under these critical conditions the thickener is active for a long period of time without losing performance.

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