Comfort & Insulation

As the global leader in polyurethane additives, the Comfort & Insulation Business Line provides an extensive range of catalysts, diamine curatives, surfactants, and other additive solutions to optimize the reaction kinetics, processing, and final properties of your PU-based coating formulation.

Drawing upon over 50 years of experience and with manufacturing sites, laboratories, and dedicated technical service in all major regions, we are the trusted partner of the polyurethane industry. With innovative and tailored additive solutions we help our customers meet today‘s challenges and those of tomorrow.


Our POLYCAT® & DABCO® brands stand for industry-leading polyurethane catalyst technologies. From standard molecules to highly specialized amines and formulated products, we offer the broadest toolbox to generate tailored solutions for specific requirements.


Under our KOSMOS® & DABCO® brands we offer a variety of metal catalysts consisting of various tin-bismuth-, and zinc-compounds. Dedicated to sustainable solutions, we propose a range of alternatives to replace traditional hazardous substances.


Our VERSALINK® products are specialty oligomeric and monomeric diamines for use as curatives and chain extenders in high-performance polyurea and polyurea-hybrid applications.


Performance additives and surfactants from our ORTEGOL®, DABCO®, and TEGOSTAB® product lines help formulators to tailor material as well as processing properties to their specific needs. Our additives enhance miscibility or promote electrical conductivity, abrasion resistance, and adhesion.

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