for the coatings industry

ACEMATT® - Matting agents for the coatings industry (pdf, 1.87 MB)
Evonik has been serving the coatings industry for more than 60 years with matting agents based on synthetic amorphous silica, known under the brand name ACEMATT®. This publication focues on the physico-chemical properties of ACEMATT® products and their applications. It also provides practical information pertaining to their use.

ACEMATT® for water-based furniture and parquet coatings (pdf, 400 KB)
Growing environmental awareness and legal constraints are requiring a major effort from all partners in the coating industry. Attempts to meet these requirements range from a reduction of solvents to solid systems and the use of radiation-curing coatings. Another environment-friendly option is the use of water-dilutable systems. These we will discuss in this bulletin.

ACEMATT®: Matting solvent-free UV-curable coatings (pdf, 958 KB)
In this publication it will be shown that it is possible to influence the degree of matting significantly by choosing suitable matting agents, through “clever” coating formulation, and by targeted control of curing and equipment parameters.

Additives for Polyurethanes CASE applications - EMEA (pdf, 4.39 MB)

AERODISP® WR 8520 - for water-based coatings (pdf, 464 KB)
The development of environmentally friendly coating materials has been one of the major tasks of the paint industry for many years. Evonik Industries, as a supplier of raw materials for the paint industry, is making a major contribution to this development through its many products. AERODISP® WR 8520 makes it possible to easily and effectively improve thickening and thixotropy, anti-settling, pigment stabilization as well as mechanical properties in aqueous pigmented coatings and water-based clear coats.

AERODISP®: The use of AERODISP® fumed silica dispersions to enhance waterborne coatings (pdf, 381 KB)
TI 1371 describes the improvements, formulators can achieve by using AERODISP® technology in waterborne coatings formulations. These benefits include, improved anti-settling in systems containing matting agents, pigments or other fillers, improved film formation, anti-sag, anti-cracking in heavily filled systems, and improved dirt pick-up resistance. The results of a scientific study conducted in cooperation with the University of Minnesota are also covered, describing the improvements in film formation in acrylic resins provided by AERODISP® W 7520.

AEROSIL® for high solid coatings (pdf, 866 KB)
Increased environmental awareness and the resulting legal provisions are forcing the coatings industry to reduce the emission of solvents (VOC / volatile organic compounds). This goes for the suppliers of raw materials as well as for paint manufacturers and processors. Backed up by continuous research work and applied technology testing, Evonik is able to present a range of AEROSIL® grades in this Technical Information brochure which are ideally suited for use in high-solid coatings.

AEROSIL® for paints and coatings (pdf, 1.17 MB)
This brochure provides you with an overview about the broad package of benefits that AEROSIL® fumed silica offers to coatings manufacturers.

AEROSIL® for waterbased coatings (pdf, 287 KB)
The coatings industry is very much focused on the development of environmentally-friendly coating systems and investigating ways to reduce VOC emissions. One major contribution to this development is the increasing usage of waterborne coating formulations. The Technical Information 1125 outlines the benefits of applying AEROSIL® fumed silica to waterborne coatings.

AEROSIL® R 9200 to Improve the Scratch Resistance of Paint and Coating Systems (pdf, 295 KB)
Technical experts at Evonik have developed a new generation of structure-modified fumed silica that significantly improve the scratch resistance of UV-curing, high-solid as well as conventional solvent based two component systems. Following the development of AEROSIL® R 7200 and AEROSIL® R 8200, AEROSIL® R 9200 represents a further contribution to an innovative new product portfolio of structure-modified hydrophobic silica.

Crosslinking. Best of two worlds. (pdf, 817 KB)
The Crosslinkers Business Line offers a broad range of products & competences based on isophorone chemistry. Besides that the portfolio contains a full toolbox of amine curing agents for ambient and heat cure applications.

DYNAPOL® Polyester Resins - Designed Polymers for Food Packaging Applications (pdf, 2.25 MB)

DYNAPOL® Product Range (pdf, 3.15 MB)

Epoxy Curing Agents product range Americas (pdf, 6.26 MB)
Diluents | Accelerators | Adhesion Promoters | Specialty Resins | Additives

Epoxy Curing Agents product range Asia Pacific (pdf, 9.60 MB)
Diluents | Accelerators | Adhesion Promoters | Specialty Resins | Additives

Epoxy Curing Agents product range EMEA (pdf, 1.07 MB)
Diluents | Accelerators | Adhesion | Promoters | Specialty Resins | Additives

Epoxy Curing Agents product range Japan (pdf, 5.44 MB)
Diluents | Accelerators | Adhesion Promoters | Specialty Resins | Additives

SIPERNAT® 820 A for emulsion and decorative paints (pdf, 346 KB)
SIPERNAT® 820 A is used successfully in paints and lacquer industry as a partial replacement of titanium dioxide.

TEGO - Power for Plastic Coatings (pdf, 251 KB)
TEGO Coating Additives for Plastic Coatings

TEGO - Power for Solventborne High Solids Coatings (pdf, 250 KB)
Product range

The Big TEGO (pdf, 27.32 MB)
Products – Services – Data Sheets

VESTAGON product range (pdf, 668 KB)
VESTAGON® products enable light-stable, weather-resistant powder coating systems.

VESTAMIN product range (pdf, 381 KB)
VESTAMIN® products ensure a suitable curing agent for epoxy resin systems, minimizing the risk of wasted time and effort.

VESTANAT EP-M Family product range (pdf, 607 KB)
Evonik has developed a new crosslinking concept for high performance, scratch resistant coatings based on adducts of isocyanatosilanes.

VESTANAT product range for liquid coating applications (pdf, 701 KB)
VESTANAT® products are a natural fit for high-performance PUR coatings.

VESTANAT product range for resins & elastomers (pdf, 1.10 MB)

VESTASOL product range (pdf, 339 KB)
products offer solutions for a wide variety of solvents and intermediate applications. Due to their unique chemical structures, VESTASOL® products are used as raw materials for various chemical syntheses.

VISIOMER® product range (pdf, 5.94 MB)