Press release
March 30, 2011

Bio-based polyesters for Reactive Hot Melts – DYNACOLL® Terra

The DYNACOLL® product range began its success story back in the late 1980s. At that time, Evonik’s development of co-polyesters containing hydroxyl groups crucially influenced the engineering of one-component moisture-curable Hot Melts. The building block system of compatible amorphous, liquid and crystalline types of DYNACOLL® enabled the precise formulation of reactive PUR Hot Melts for the most diverse applications in the adhesives and sealants industry. While this modular system of more than 20 medium-molecular options has been constantly adapted and further developed to meet the latest market demands, the addition of polyester based on renewables now introduces a revolutionary new chapter in the DYNACOLL® story.

“We began raw-material screening roughly one year ago,” reports Gabriele Brenner, who is in charge of technical service for Reactive Hot Melts at Evonik. “The aim was to include the synthesis of amorphous, liquid and crystalline polyesters in the DYNACOLL® Terra product range. Not only did we wish to use green components, but we wanted to achieve product properties comparable with, or even better than those offered in the existing product portfolio.”

As a result of intensive research, Evonik now introduces six development products with a broad spectrum of properties. The individual products contain between >30 and 100 percent monomers derived from renewable resources. These polyesters can be variously combined in adhesive formulations. Good adhesion properties have already been achieved on a variety of substrates, particularly wood and plastics.

We continue to work together with strategic customers to adapt adhesives formulations to additional fields of application.

At the same time, we are examining the suitability of other monomers from renewable resources in order to further expand and optimize the DYNACOLL® Terra product portfolio system.

“As soon as these product choices become increasingly economical and technically feasible, demand will continuously rise,” says Sabine Thüner, marketing manager in the Adhesive Resins Product Line. “The chemicals industry is showing a growing interest in renewable raw materials more than ever right now! The megatrend of resource efficiency is regarded as one of the future growth drivers. It is therefore important to remain permanently one step ahead and secure good future prospects in concert with our customers.”

By developing DYNACOLL® Terra, Evonik has underscored its responsible corporate position and is driving the trend in the chemicals industry to a greener future.