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Evonik’s Methacrylates Business Line places focus on customer benefit

Essen, April 4, 2017

The Bulk Monomers Product Line supplies high-volume monomers from a single source: MMA, GMAA, nBMA, iBMA, HEMA and HPMA. The newly established Application Monomers Product Line is now a solutions provider for special monomers. At the European Coatings Show, these units will present themselves for the first time in their new structure.

“We can now address the special requirements of our customers even better than before,” states Dr. Martin Trocha, head of the Application Monomers Product Line. Thanks to their decades of experience in production and innovation, their knowledge of the market, and their global alignment, the Evonik specialists have developed an in-depth understanding of methacrylate chemistry in the coatings area. As a solution provider and partner, the Methacrylates Business Line provides its customers with an “all-round service package.” “We offer a broad product portfolio with more than 50 specialty products and also a willingness to develop individual solutions,” says Trocha. We manufacture on three continents (in China, Germany and the USA), we have a presence in all the key countries worldwide, and thus maintain close contact with our customers. This enables us to recognize at an early stage what the customers need, what the trends and developments are in the coatings industry, and to search for new solutions.

With its new alignment, Evonik is looking to provide new impetus to the coatings industry: Whether methacrylate-based resins for large-scale applications, such as architecture and automotive coatings, for example, or applications such as reactive adhesives, Evonik has the competency and the products to provide the resin with specific and customized properties. On request, the methacrylate experts also develop completely new components right up to the production stage, or finished products in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

The researchers in the Methacrylates Business Line develop innovative solutions such as VISIOMER® 6976. This UV-active crosslinker increases the strength of pressure sensitive adhesives and the resistance of architectural paints to environmental influences such as humidity or temperature fluctuations.

The business line’s development portfolio also contains methacrylates for isocyanate-free crosslinking systems or bio-based binders. The range of its product portfolio and its development and production competency make Evonik one of the world’s leading suppliers of methacrylate.


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The methacrylate business in the Evonik’s Performance Materials Segment has been realigned over recent months with a greater customer focus.
The methacrylate business in the Evonik’s Performance Materials Segment has been realigned over recent months with a greater customer focus.

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